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Learn how to use phases in Spanish

Phases in Spanish: You can download content to listen to on Your MP3 or CD player. The elementary content is easier to understand but it is boring because it is not genuine. The natural language content like literature, real stories, TV interviews, Radio, etc.

is interesting, but, you miss a lot. Some parts you do not understand, do not worry, you need to read the transcripts to understand everything. If you read something, you will understand more about the story.

You improve your pronunciation by doing a lot of listening. But that is not enough. You need to read the transcript. What is the best way to learn Spanish?: Reading lists of "words" is not effective. Learning grammar is not the best way to learn Spanish.

Memorizing text is not efficient. You should be?.: Learning words and phrases in their natural way is efficient.

Each situation where you need Spanish is unequaled. Most sentences you will use will be unique and will depend on the needs of a specific situation. You need to learn words for every situation, not only one situation. You also need to learn how those words come together to make sense in Spanish. That is why, you need to learn phrases. Phrases mean "a sequence of words intended to have meaning".

Typically these phrases are 2-6 words long. These phrases are based on how the native speakers put words together. Please, learn phrases, only phases. It is when you get the phrases right that your Spanish will be fluent, not when you have learned all the rules of grammar.

You should always learn phrases from genuine content. If you regularly review your phrases you will start to notice them in all your reading and listening. You will understand Spanish better. Soon you will be able to use those phrases. You will make mistakes, but soon your use of vocabulary will become natural.

Best Regards, Bye John G. Teacher Spanish School. 8 Years of experience.

John G. is the assistant of Learn Spanish Fluently, Method Eight Years teaching Spanish in USA. http://www.LearnSpanishFluently.com . Join us Free 5 Secrets to Learn Spanish . Learning Spanish Now.

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