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How To Dance ChaCha Timing

Cha-Cha musik is 4/4 time, and also has 4 steps to a bar of music. The last bar screams for you to step to the left and close your feet so this step has the characteristics of moving the foot to the side and closing the feet, which in turn produces the "cha-cha" sound, which is the name of the dance. There is a confusing movement for beginners which is slow, slow, quick-quick, slow. Instead the teachers should make the students think "rock, rock, side-close, side", which makes it far more easy to understand. Modern Latino dances begin with stepping on the second beat of the music, by changing the weight from one leg to another.

In Cha-Cha however, your feet move on the first, second and fourth beats. This slight change of weight gives the dance a beautiful look and feel. It occurs halfway through the first and second beats, on the third beat, and halfway through the fourth beat and also on the first beat. Counting from the 2nd beat of the music, my preferred count is 2 & 3, Cha-Cha, 1 - try the basic movements and this will become meaningful. There are two parts to timing. The first is the static parts of the beat that is through an entire track and dictates when to move your feet.

Another one is the tempo of the music. The tempo determines how fast you should make a spin/turn, tells you to move, take a step or pause. If you grasp all of these secrets you'll be a master cha-cha dancer.

It's almost impossible to miss a Cha Cha beat in a song. You'll always hear two slower beats and three faster ones. The quick beats determine how you'll move from side and close, then cha cha cha.

Discover how to Learn Cha Cha, because you'll most definitely need these exclusive DVD's of the master Louis Van Amsel! A Dance Guru at Cha Cha which is an beautiful dance. You can dance, lose weight and have fun!

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