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Dating Advice What You Must Do to Ensure Your Date Goes Smoothly

Well you did it. You finally asked that attractive woman out on a date and to your delight she said yes. Way to go.

Now as normal for many men a little bit of panic sets in. Not because you want to back out of the date (you do not) but for the simple reason you want everything to go well. That is a great attitude to have but do not press it. There is no such thing as a perfect date and putting all of your energy and effort to accomplish this could lead to results neither of you expect nor desire. As you know many things happen in life which we have no control over so do not sweat it.

Instead focus on what you do have a reasonable amount of influence over. You. Here are a few tips along those lines.

1. Grooming The musical group ZZ Top once sang, "Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man". It may not be every girl but the overwhelming majority of women would probably agree. Make sure you are groomed and neat. Use some nice cologne without smelling like you fell into a swimming pool of the stuff.

Your clothes should also be cleaned and pressed. Do not show up at her door looking like you slept in the same suit for three days. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression and being well groomed is going to play a major role in how she perceives you.

2. Promptness If you say you will pick her up tonight at seven thirty, make sure it is seven thirty or even a little before. Showing up a half hour to an hour late is a good way to start things off on the wrong foot. Also make the necessary plans and arrangements beforehand so you will not be hurried.

This does not mean you should rigidly adhere to a previously worked out schedule. Being excessively time conscious can take the fun and spontaneity out of a date. Promptness and good planning tells her you made the effort to ensure she has a good time.

3. Polite You and your date are having a pretty decent conversation when suddenly it happens. Your cell phone rings.

Not only do you take the call but instead of being brief and telling the party on the other line you will contact them later, you proceed to have an in depth conversation with the person. Meanwhile your date is, shall we say, less than impressed. Signaling her to give you a couple of more minutes and then telling her about the conversation after you hang up are only making things worse. What is the solution? Turn your cell phone off.

This is an example of a modern form of rudeness on a date but it is not does not have to be just a cell phone. Going over to chat with someone you recognize, talking over her in a conversation, being blunt and then trying to disguise it as honesty are all forms of rudeness; the list is of course endless. Nobody wants to go out with a jerk so be considerate to her. 4. Relax Being tense can put the whole date on edge. It can also make your smile and attempts at humor come off as phony, so calm down.

You are out with this attractive woman because she WANTED to go out with you and WANTED to have a good time. Do not approach your date like world peace hangs in the balance. Take that heavy load off your back and enjoy yourself.

The whole point to going on a date is to have a good time. This one fact puts you and her on the same page. Follow thru by making sure you are well groomed, prompt, courteous and relaxed. By doing this you can almost guarantee that you and she will share quality time together.

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